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  5. I've been interested to see what countries and regions of the world people really seem to enjoy or find overall interesting. If you have any, please put them here. I'd love to discuss and learn about them! Kindly, -Arch
  6. Welcome to the Elsagate Conspiracy Theory Thread, in here we will basically attempt to understand who are the people involved in the creation of the vile disgusting videos depicting pop culture icons doing extremely deplorable actions that our children may be watching; why they are posting such revolting things, and how can we stop this filth continuing to be funded by those who make these videos. Feel free to post anything relating to the thread as this will be a long one. This is a serious topic and please refrain from posting the actual videos w/o context to why you're posting the videos; IE don't post one of those Elsagate videos without some context. Which means this thread will have a warning WARNING THERE BE CREEPY THINGS HERE, SCROLL DOWN AT YOUR OWN RISK
  7. What do WE want?

    Mc sounds cool I would play on it.
  8. What do WE want?

    Personally I would like to see the community succeed, but the only game I play that allows custom servers is minecraft and gmod.
  9. Unsure where to take this unless Rolad releases his custom Basewars gamemode this community is kinda pointless. So I've been thinking about making this into a private community where people get invited to play on our servers. I have been working on an idea to allow our players to host gameservers without the risk of releasing their IP address or fear of (D)DoS attacks. Not sure if it will work so it requires testing. But I'm curious what do you guys want? What games do you love to play, what do you like to do? I planned on hosting a Minecraft server because I have some ol' friends that would like it. I also thought about a DarkRP server and using a git repo so players can create custom jobs and at every restart they are applied after being syntax checked. Heck maybe just create a private members only part of the community instead. I don't know so feedback and ideas are important here people so get them flowing. This community is literally to keep me from getting bored, gives me something to do. PSA: If you have anything to say about staff you can post it on the forums without fear of it being deleted as it is against the policies to delete forum posts without specific reason. You also can't get banned for speaking your mind as it's protected by the policies as well just as long as it does not violate the rules or NS policies.
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  12. MID: 28 - NIGHTWALKERX99 - Staff Application - (DarkRP)

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  13. Vote: Should we bring the Rust server back to NS.
  14. MID: 29 - WsK TacticalToaster - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

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  15. Morning Everyone

  16. Possible Server Restart

    Hello everyone, in an attempt to make the HL2RP server more appealing to players, I want to restart the server under the multi-segmented format I came up with. The server would go through 2-3 stages each with its own map and RP style. You will TRULY develop your character from the 7 hour war all the way to walls of an established city. Here are the ideas for the segments the server would have: Multi-Segmented HL2RP Segment 1.A One idea for the first part of the server we will be exploring the 7-hour war, and I'm going to strike down a question that spammed my first pitch of a 7-hour War-RP server: NO that doesn't mean it will only last for 7 hours. The possible factions for this segment are: Civilians Military Combine Synths Xen lifeforms possibly Combine Soldiers This segment will either be held on a regular city map like evocity (If we try going for something it being right at the beginning of the war) Or an apocalypse city map (If we try going for a more destructive end of the war type scenario) This will probably be the most fast paced segment as it will rely the most on combat than other sections will. Segment 1.B/2 Depending on whether or not we start out with the previously mentioned segment this will either be the first segment or ICLY a few weeks after the first segment. OOCLY a few days to make the required changes and test before opening. This segment will take place after the war and revolve around survivors of the war who escaped the city and are now hiding out in a small suburban town hiding from the combine while they make their way to a nearby city. The possible factions are the same as the previous segment. I would most likely be using the Aftermath map as it has a lot of open areas, as well as a militarized area for the combine to have set up a staging group for searching the area for the area for survivors, large open areas, and small suburban sections for survivors to camp out in. Segment 2/3 ICLY a week or so after the previous segment and again OOCLY a few days for editing and testing, this will be the final segment of the server and it will remain on this for the remainder of it's up-time. This segment will take place after our survivors have successfully entered the nearby city that the combine have occupied and are now using as a relocation area for humans who surrendered during the war. Now that the survivors have escaped the imminent threat of combine synths and soldiers chasing them down and are successfully integrated within the city, it is up to them what they will do next. Will they finally give up and accept their new rulers, swearing allegiance and loyalty to the Universal Union? Will they continue to fight their oppressors and band together to take back their homes? Or will they betray their own race and sign up with the Metro Police Force? The factions used in this segment will basically be the same as most HL2RP city servers: Citizens Civil Worker's Union Conscripts? Metro Police Force Overwatch Transhuman Arm Administrator
  17. ACCEPTED Jackson is someone i know well and can trust to uphold the server rules.
  18. MID: 37 - Morder - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

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  19. Server Factions

    What are Citizens? Citizens are basically prisoners living and working under the watchful eye of the Combine. Their freedom is non-existent and all expression of individuality is kept under constant control. Their quality of life is restricted and poverty stricken, having only the basic means to survive. Citizens are fully understanding of public obedience and try to draw as little attention to themselves when on the streets. Their actions and behaviour is strictly monitored by the Civil Protection forces that issue harsh punishments if caught acting uncivil. Citizens must always maintain a steady, unthreatening body posture and movement pattern. Communication between citizens is preferable done out of sight or at low audible levels. What relationship do I have with Citizens? You alike many citizens share mixed views in this new and challenging environment. You know that some support the Combine's rule known as loyalists and others who oppose it. You must always be weary of what you say and do around other citizens, as you fear your life may depend on it. You most likely will find Citizens to be the ideal choice when trying to make new acquaintances. What is the Resistance? The Resistance is a militia force made up of mostly humans that oppose the Combine. Their members known as Rebels take up arms to defend against or attack Overwatch forces. Humans that are lucky to flee or escape city life seek to join the Resistance and promote their goal of defeating the Combine. What relationship do I have with the Resistance? You may see the Resistance as a helpful organisation or a hindrance to the human race. Quite often their altercations with Overwatch forces have a negative effect on your life in the city. You understand that any word of the Resistance may bring certain problems to your door. What are Vortigaunts? The Vortigaunts are an alien species that came to Earth through portals during the resonance cascade. Initially their invasion was hostile towards humanity and a lengthy conflict was to take place across the Earth. But in the wake of the Combine, the Vortigaunts were no longer the dominant force and many were killed or taken captive as slaves. The Vortigaunts now seek to ally themselves with the human led Resistance with the sole task of destroying the Combine. What relationship do I have with Vortigaunts? You may have seen Vortigaunts in the past as slaves under control of the Combine but will have rarely have spoken with one. It is unlikely that you will have seen a free Vortigaunt as they rarely appear to the surface of the city unless accompanied by resistance members. You may be curious or slightly scared if you were to meet one face to face. It is not an every day occurrence. You may fear their attacking ability also known by humans as green lightning if turned upon. What are Civil Protection? Civil Protection are an oppressive force made entirely of human volunteers that seek a better life for themselves and their family. Their duty is to protect civil society by use of brutal force and repressive tactics. Civil Protection or CPs hide their identity by speaking through a vocoder built in to their white gasmask and by following consistent behavioural patterns in public. What relationship do I have with Civil Protection? You do not see Civil Protection as a Police force that is there to help you. You would avoid contact with them whenever possible by keeping a low profile while in their presence. CPs will not openly communicate with you so do not expect their assistance. You will have past experience of public searches and questioning by CPs to which you remember to state your name and CID clearly. You might show fear of Civil Protection as they have the power to issue on the spot judgement of your actions. Your life is placed in their hands. What are Conscripts? Conscripts are volunteer loyalists that wish serve the Union on the frontline. Conscripts are attached to a command group that form a quick reaction force or QRF. Most find themselves positioned in outposts defending from resistance attack. When off-duty conscripts are sent back to the city to assist Civil Protection with minor duties from guarding workshifts to maintaining sociostablity. Conscripts are recognisable by their green or camouflage military attire, kevlar vests and headgear. What relationship do I have with Conscripts? You will often see conscripts around the city, though most will be occupied with assignments. You know that conscripts are active loyalists so you would be weary of what you say to them. Similar to Civil Workers they are in contact with Civil Protection at all times. You would notice that conscripts carry a baton for safety reasons. You might realise that conscripts are not as brutal as Civil Protection but are trained combat veterans. What are Civil Workers? Civil Workers are pro-Union loyalists which serve in a variety of roles to benefit civil society. They wear uniforms to distinguish their status from citizens which is usually accompanied by an armband of different colours. Civil Worker's Union (Center) - The Civil Worker's Union oversee production of Union product and resources. They are easily identified for their dark olive uniform and numbered badge. Civil Worker's Union Medical (Right) - The Civil Worker's Union Medical unit attend to injuries of the civil population. They are normally found inside medical centres and bare a large red cross on their white uniforms. What relationship do I have with Civil Workers? You will rarely need to communicate with Civil Workers unless you are involved in a workshift or attending the medical centre. Willard Industries may conduct an opinion survey or other public document that may require you. You would be aware that they are always in contact with Civil Protection through a small request device so be careful of what details you share. Civil Workers are normally helpful towards you and will address most concerns. The Civil Worker's Union operate official Union stores supplying goods in exchange for your tokens. What is the Civil Administration Board? The Civil Administration Board also known as CAB are distinguished members of civil society. CAB members spend most of their time inside the heavily guarded fortification known as the Nexus. Their general duty is the maintenance of the city, passing of laws and perseverance of civil order on behalf of their benefactors. The members of the CAB have different levels of control, from the starting advisor to the administrator of the city. Depending on the status, a member would always be guarded by transhuman soldiers. The most important of CAB members are often displayed around the city on propaganda posters and broadcast screens. What relationship do I have with Civil Administration Board? You will rarely see the Civil Administration Board members during your stay in the city, except on posters and broadcast screens. You may be lucky enough to witness a speech or participate in a question and answer session. As a citizen, you may take great pleasure in meeting members of the CAB as they are often praised by the words of loyalists. You must be careful if you wish to speak ill of the CAB or its members as your words may be relayed to their guards. You might fear the higher CAB members such as the Administrator, as their level of power often alters their actions. What are Transhumans? The Transhuman Arm is the main ground force of the Combine. They are rarely seen operating inside the city but have been known to respond to extreme cases of anti-civil violence or guarding high value members of civil society. They appear human-like, clad with body armour and high powered weaponry but do not communicate unless using a radio device fitted inside their helmets. What relationship do I have with Transhumans? You might feel extremely uncomfortable in the unfortunate presence of transhuman soldiers. If you were to resist in any manner it would mean certain death. You should maintain the highest level of obedience by following the orders of Civil Protection. You know that transhumans show no mercy if a citizen were to interfere with their duty. What are AirWatch? AirWatch more commonly known as Scanners are seen deployed around the city as surveillance drones. They are often seen taking pictures of citizens and searching for anti-civil activity. Scanners are armoured with metal plating so are not easily destroyed if attacked without weaponry. They emit small whirring sounds or high pitched beeps as they float around. What relationship do I have with AirWatch? You may know these drones are operating as an additional pair of eyes for the Combine. You should not make any attempt to act uncivil while their presence is nearby. A scanner may transmit some commands through speakers which playback as a robotic sounding female voice. You should quickly obey any instructions and would not create a disturbance as it may attract Civil Protection. What are Conscript Biotics? A Conscript Biotic is a Vortigaunt that was captured by the Combine and forced into a gruelling life of slavery. Biotics can be spotted cleaning the streets in some way while under guard of Civil Protection. They would appear weak from overworking and malnourishment. Their hands, neck and torso would be strapped with large chains and locks which are unbreakable. What relationship do I have with Conscript Biotics? You should not approach a Biotic that is working on the street. You will often see a CP nearby and which could attract attention to yourself. You know that a Vortigaunt can understand you but they will generally be afraid to communicate openly. You may be positive or negative towards Conscript Biotics depending on your previous encounters with the Vortigaunts. What are Cremators? Cremators are used by the Combine to disintegrate or dispose of corpses. This is done by their large plasma weapon system known as the Immolator. Cremators are usually seen patrolling the streets alone or with a Civil Protection team. They emit a heavy breathing constantly which is heard by all in the surrounding area. What relationship do I have with Cremators? You should stand clear of Cremators and try not to obstruct their path. You know that holding up a Cremator unit would likely attract CPs. You may have witnessed Cremators on the streets using their large weapon system. You should show signs of fear as the Cremator has an unusual tall appearance which towers over humans. What are Zombies? Zombies were once humans or overwatch forces before being attacked by a headcrab. A headcrab is a Xenian wildlife creature that came to Earth through portals during the resonance cascade, much like the Vortigaunts. Once it finds a subject it launches itself towards the head and attaches. Performing this action will gain the headcrab the ability to control the bodily functions. Zombies often let out screams or vocoded words which can be vaguely understood if listened closely. What relationship do I have with Zombies? You would not likely see a zombie in the city. If you were to see a zombie you should show signs of fear from its attacks using its claws. If you were to see a headcrab you should fear its fast leaping attack. You know that some zombies and headcrabs are slow but each have their own unique abilities of attacking you. You might be able to outrun some form of zombies if attacked due to their slow movement. What are Antlions? Antlions are bug like creatures that live in swarms, deep in burrowed caves underground. They generally appear to the surface when attracted by movement. Antlions are blind and sense through vibrations. There are many different Antlions from the most common soldier to the guardian that lives deep inside the nest. Antlions can be controlled by the use of a pheropod although this must be obtained by extraction from a deceased Antlion Guard. What relationship do I have with Antlions? You will rarely see Antlions inside the city. The Combine installed large thumper or restrictor systems that pound the ground, creating a large vibration that is effective at retracting Antlions. If you were to see an Antlion you should fear its attacking abilities and fast moving strike by air. (Information provided by several third party sources that are under fair use.)
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    Getting closer, your on the right track. You're off by a few.
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    Since I can't seem to find a way to edit nor delete this post, I suppose I'll need to make a second post with my updated guess: "Phab Cafe"
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