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  2. [ACCEPTED] Your application to become apart of the Neutron Servers staff team has been unanimously accepted by the community directors, Congratulations!
  3. [NOTICE] This user is applying for the Manager position. (Future game server manager.)
  4. You're in game name/persona name: Valyrym Age: 21 Do you have any past experiences as staff?: 2 years of running the cringe fest that was AeonRP, 8 months running floof gaming. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Why do you want to become staff?: world domination.... running my own servers What makes you different from other applicants?: because i am me (i bet nobody gets the anime reference) Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?: No How many warnings do you have?: 0
  5. [REPORT DENIED] Thread closed to inactivity and proof given by the players and staff support @Morder's claims.
  6. [+Support] Known Tactical for a while, would be good backup considering that I'm not good with coding (Or much with computers for that matter). He's done a few things that left a bad taste in my mouth but It's all water under the bridge and he feels like he's learned from them (Don't ask for specifics, won't tell).
  7. [+Support] I've known Tactical for a pretty good while, as much as he does make mistakes, he doesn't give me a feeling of malicious intent, rather a simple or childish mistake. The Worst I've seen of him compared to the good things he do are pretty balanced. I'd also rather have fresh staff that might make a difference in our community, rather than getting old staff that probably need a vacation. In short, though he has made many mistakes in the past, hopefully this addition to staff will bring upon something new and interesting. I await further events.
  8. [NOTICE] This user is applying for the Manager position. (Future game server manager.)
  9. [NOTICE] This user is applying for the Manager position. (Future game server manager.)
  10. You're in game name/persona name: TacticalToaster Age: 14 Do you have any past experiences as staff?: Yes. I've been a developer for the now deceased Unification Networks, admin on GR, did some dev work for GR also, and was an operator for a much older server that was named Electric Gaming or something like that. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Why do you want to become staff?: I enjoy NS as a community and want to contribute in a helpful way. I know that things are rather stale, so I want to work toward making NS great again, with an active player base. Not staff, but have been officers in 4H, Jr. Beta, and FBLA. Positions I've held have been President (3 times, varying clubs), Vice President (2 times, varying clubs), and Secretary (1 time, FBLA). What makes you different from other applicants?: I have a genuine interest into computer programming. Currently, I know Lua and GLua quite well, and currently am becoming more familiar with C# and C++. I've done some work in both Unreal and Unity, and currently am looking into modding for the Source engine. I'm also a participant in several real life school leadership and business organizations like Jr. Beta and FBLA, and have learned good leadership abilities from these clubs. Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?: No How many warnings do you have?:
  11. You're in game name/persona name: Yiippie Age: 18 years of age Do you have any past experiences as staff?: I have been a staff member for a roleplay server on Amino for a year and a half now. As well as I was a 3D modeler and admin for a private Gmod server. I was also a manager and Head Admin for an old Unturned server called Deadeye Gaming. Do you have a microphone?: Yes Why do you want to become staff?: I feel like I can offer a hand to a server in need of staff and I hope to bring a fun and enjoyable personality to the staff. What makes you different from other applicants?: Well, I've had years of experience in staff and server management and I'm also an aspiring I.T kiddo who just wants to show his useless skill. All jokes aside, I've had about four years of server management and I'm currently an admin for a roleplay group on Amino. Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?: No How many warnings do you have?:
  12. -support If bullying really gets to you. I am correct in saying that you are free to talk to people in private as well. Morder has already disassembled your argument and taken most of what I have to say.
  13. That's a lot of images here, I'll address them 1 by 1. Image 1: "I'll show you some fucking abuse", Only a joke and a reference to things that happened in the notorious community UG as you can see me referring to noclipping and raiding. Image 2: Again, referencing UG as that was something that actually happened. Image 3: Same thing as Image 1 Image 4: I was referring to a group of furries that are extremely oversexual and all around disgusting. Image 5: I was referring to a former moderator known as "Kerman" who was constantly harassing the administrator "Shawniebinks" for being a furry. Image 6: That was an exaggerated reaction to the emojis in your name, not an actual threat or anything. Image 6: Not sure what you're referring to, but if it's me saying Jackson has a "War Boner" that's because he's notorious for being super serious about war. Jackson and I are good friends and something like this is common. Image 7: "Nibba" is a well known meme, "Gey" is intentionally misspelled to be regarded as non serious, I call people nerds all the time. Image 8: Distasteful? Yes, I'll admit it is. Racist? No, I use the word "Niggy" to be an alternative to the N word with an "a" to avoid the negative race connotations with it. Image 9: Not sure what you see wrong here, me calling people known to be furries a furry? or is it me calling Archy a stale memer because I think his memes are stale. Image 10: Legitimate concern for Spooky Wolf, he was showing behavior that is similar to a persecution complex. Image 11: I was yelling at CQB about actually working as a co-manager to HL2RP Image 12: That was me talking about Tyler's staff demands and yelling at them because I heard some extremely unreasonable things from others. Image 13: Me referring to FailRP and people both potentially participating and denying it. As for your claims at the bottom, I took Archy's Christmas emojis for a reason that I can't remember but I did not do it to anyone else. Changing ranks, you mean removing your member role and giving you the muted role last night? Because 57 told me to do that when I told him that the Muted role was busted. Threatening bans on people? I've never threatened to ban someone as far as I know because it's permanent, but I have done things like threatening to kick someone when they posted porn in general chat. Abused and bullied are too general but if they refer to the pictures above I've already addressed that. I use the word "Niggy" particularly to be at least less offensive if I used it with the endings "a" or "er" I haven't made a legitimate threat to dox anyone and if you took my joke about UG as a serious threat then I apologize. I've moved people out of VC for doing stupid shit and most people tell me to do it when something happens as it's a meme at this point i have zero idea what you're talking about when it comes to "restricting people's freedom of speech" It seems to me that a lot of these claims, as they come from the images, are being taken the wrong way and/or out of context
  14. You're in game name/persona name: Sloth Demon Steam ID 32 or 64: 76561198123844528 Reported Staff/Player Name: Morder Reported Staff/Player SteamID: STEAM_0:0:77967423 How many warnings do you have?: Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?: No Reason for report: (Include proof. e.g screenshots, video, etc...): For the consent abuse of members and friends of the Ns community including abuse, offensive language or text, bullying etc. This is really petty but still Morder has been doing this months and months and no one has any solid proof but still morder shouldn't be doing any of this Taking away peoples nicknames for having Christmas emojis changing ranks with no notices threating bans on people for no reason not only has he abused, bulled, used very offences comments, threated to dox, move people out of vc without reason, restricts peoples freedom of speech with months and on months on many accounts I have not only bare witness to these claims that other people and myself have made but have been a victim as well.. I hope other people will stand up and share there stories.
  15. Morning Everyone

  16. hey how do you add a rank that is under your name ??

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