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  1. Unsure where to take this unless Rolad releases his custom Basewars gamemode this community is kinda pointless. So I've been thinking about making this into a private community where people get invited to play on our servers. I have been working on an idea to allow our players to host gameservers without the risk of releasing their IP address or fear of (D)DoS attacks. Not sure if it will work so it requires testing. But I'm curious what do you guys want? What games do you love to play, what do you like to do? I planned on hosting a Minecraft server because I have some ol' friends that would like it. I also thought about a DarkRP server and using a git repo so players can create custom jobs and at every restart they are applied after being syntax checked. Heck maybe just create a private members only part of the community instead. I don't know so feedback and ideas are important here people so get them flowing. This community is literally to keep me from getting bored, gives me something to do. PSA: If you have anything to say about staff you can post it on the forums without fear of it being deleted as it is against the policies to delete forum posts without specific reason. You also can't get banned for speaking your mind as it's protected by the policies as well just as long as it does not violate the rules or NS policies.
  2. PROMOTED The staff has decided to promote you to administrator.
  3. MID: 28 - NIGHTWALKERX99 - Staff Application - (DarkRP)

    RESIGNED @NIGHTWALKERX99 has resigned from his position.
  4. Vote: Should we bring the Rust server back to NS.
  5. MID: 29 - WsK TacticalToaster - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

    RESIGNED @WsK TacticalToaster has resigned from his position.
  6. MID: 37 - Morder - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

    PROMOTED The staff has decided to promote you, to a server manager.
  7. Win a donor package!

    Getting closer, your on the right track. You're off by a few.
  8. MID: 30 - Jackson - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

    First off I did post this in my last comment. now to this The last question all you really should have said was a permanent ban for threatening and cheating. Any form of threatening, hacking, and cheating is a permanent ban on the spot.
  9. MID: 30 - Jackson - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

    [Neutral] Time On Server is supposed to say how much time you've been on the server total, not your timezone. The time it could take to get a reply would cause more havoc than just banning him on the spot. You are also NOT supposed to contact any Community Director first, you're supposed to contact one of your server managers. (The staff hierarchy and guidelines will be posted on a later date for anyone to see)
  10. @Shawnie Take a look.
  11. MID: 38 - TheWiseWolf - Staff Application - (FloofRP)

    @TheWiseWolf Moved to DarkRP [FloofRP Dropped]
  12. MID: 33 - chrapacz2000 - Staff Application - (FloofRP)

    @chrapacz2000 Moved to DarkRP [FloofRP Dropped]
  13. Dropping FloofRP

    As you all know the owner Rogue of FloofGaming decided to quit due to all the problems and drama accosted with it. However as all the player base left for Dynamic for many reasons and the fact it has no traction, we are dropping the server and will be repurposing it for another gamemode.
  14. MID: 29 - WsK TacticalToaster - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

    @|PXP| CQBgamer take a look at this one.

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