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  1. You're in game name/persona name: Sloth Demon Steam ID 32 or 64: 76561198123844528 Reported Staff/Player Name: Morder Reported Staff/Player SteamID: STEAM_0:0:77967423 How many warnings do you have?: Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?: No Reason for report: (Include proof. e.g screenshots, video, etc...): For the consent abuse of members and friends of the Ns community including abuse, offensive language or text, bullying etc. This is really petty but still Morder has been doing this months and months and no one has any solid proof but still morder shouldn't be doing any of this Taking away peoples nicknames for having Christmas emojis changing ranks with no notices threating bans on people for no reason not only has he abused, bulled, used very offences comments, threated to dox, move people out of vc without reason, restricts peoples freedom of speech with months and on months on many accounts I have not only bare witness to these claims that other people and myself have made but have been a victim as well.. I hope other people will stand up and share there stories.