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  1. Possible Server Restart

    Hello everyone, in an attempt to make the HL2RP server more appealing to players, I want to restart the server under the multi-segmented format I came up with. The server would go through 2-3 stages each with its own map and RP style. You will TRULY develop your character from the 7 hour war all the way to walls of an established city. Here are the ideas for the segments the server would have: Multi-Segmented HL2RP Segment 1.A One idea for the first part of the server we will be exploring the 7-hour war, and I'm going to strike down a question that spammed my first pitch of a 7-hour War-RP server: NO that doesn't mean it will only last for 7 hours. The possible factions for this segment are: Civilians Military Combine Synths Xen lifeforms possibly Combine Soldiers This segment will either be held on a regular city map like evocity (If we try going for something it being right at the beginning of the war) Or an apocalypse city map (If we try going for a more destructive end of the war type scenario) This will probably be the most fast paced segment as it will rely the most on combat than other sections will. Segment 1.B/2 Depending on whether or not we start out with the previously mentioned segment this will either be the first segment or ICLY a few weeks after the first segment. OOCLY a few days to make the required changes and test before opening. This segment will take place after the war and revolve around survivors of the war who escaped the city and are now hiding out in a small suburban town hiding from the combine while they make their way to a nearby city. The possible factions are the same as the previous segment. I would most likely be using the Aftermath map as it has a lot of open areas, as well as a militarized area for the combine to have set up a staging group for searching the area for the area for survivors, large open areas, and small suburban sections for survivors to camp out in. Segment 2/3 ICLY a week or so after the previous segment and again OOCLY a few days for editing and testing, this will be the final segment of the server and it will remain on this for the remainder of it's up-time. This segment will take place after our survivors have successfully entered the nearby city that the combine have occupied and are now using as a relocation area for humans who surrendered during the war. Now that the survivors have escaped the imminent threat of combine synths and soldiers chasing them down and are successfully integrated within the city, it is up to them what they will do next. Will they finally give up and accept their new rulers, swearing allegiance and loyalty to the Universal Union? Will they continue to fight their oppressors and band together to take back their homes? Or will they betray their own race and sign up with the Metro Police Force? The factions used in this segment will basically be the same as most HL2RP city servers: Citizens Civil Worker's Union Conscripts? Metro Police Force Overwatch Transhuman Arm Administrator
  2. MID: 42 - Arch - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

    Archy has always been a good staff member on all servers I've played with him on. Never had an issue with him before. APPROVED
  3. City 17 Combine Civil Authority Field Manual

    Chapter One: The Combine Civil Authority And Its Functions As A Whole. The C.C.A: The new CCA will only consist of three divisions. This will keep each division healthy with active troops. They will consist of official Half-Life 2 divisions with proper/official skins of each troop type. Individuality and free choice are also to be removed from the ranks. Divisions are to be assigned to what is most important/what is needed. The Division leaders will be required to host events/training's at least once a week to keep each division alive and well. Without a proper/active Division leader there exist no way of advancement. Each C.C.A member is also to be properly trained on radio codes (More than just 10-4 and 10-20). You are role playing as a augmented/brainwashed individual from an alien race. Therefore your vocabulary and mannerisms should be professional and clean-cut at all times. Don't be a "Robo-Cop" but don't be a average Joe human either. You are something unique and not easily understood. Three divisions are to be set at start. However, if the player base rises more divisions will be brought in upon such increases occurring. These new divisions will come one at a time and will only come in addition until the one prior is filled. Jury: Jury is used for interrogating Anti-Citizens. They will be sometimes sent outside for patrol or guarding Hardpoints, but this is not often. Interrogation will be used if citizens are: Anti-Citizens, Level 5 Contraband, Level 6Contraband, Level 7 Contraband, and if they have below/higher of 9mm ammo. Helix: Helix is the medical division, responsible for giving medical assistance to other units. In order to be in the Helix division, a unit must have extensive medical skill and training. Most Helix units remain inside the Nexus, leaving only if you offer assistance in sweeps and patrols. Union: Union units patrol and maintain civil order. If any Citizens break any regulations, they will mainly be handled or taken care of by Union units. Union Division Leaders can lead lower ranking units to non-patrol areas (e.g. slums, sewers). Ranks: Ranks shall remain remotely similar with the amount of each type listed below. Again all relaying back to the official structure of the Half-Life 2 divisions. They will have skins that are set regarding rank and not said specific division. SeC - Sectorial Commander DvL - Divisional Leader EpU: Elite Protection Unit OfC - Officer SqL: Squad Leader 05-01 - Ground Units RCT - Recruit Promotion-Chart -1 Point(s): Administering Punishment for a Level 1 Violation -2 Points: Administering Punishment for Level 2 Violations -3 Points: Administering Punishment for Level 3 Violations -5 Points: Administering Punishment for Level 4 Violations -8 Points: Administering Punishment for Level 5 Violations -12 Points: Administering Punishment for Level 6 Violations -15 Points: Administering Justice for Level 7 Violations. -10 Points: Obtaining Memory Replacement Procedure, Levels 1-3. Instant Promotion: Capturing Anti-Citizen One. Saving a CCA/Administration Life. -05: RcT Prerequisite, complete training with a EpU+ and recieve devision assignment. -04: 05 Prerequisite, 75 Points. Level 1 Memory Replacement. -03: 04 Prerequisite, 150 Points. -02: 03 Prerequisite, 225 Points. Level 2 Memory Replacement -01: 02 Prerequisite, 300 Points. Level 3 Memory Replacement. -SqL: 01 Prerequisite, 375 points. Application and interview with a EpU or Higher -OfC: SqL Prerequisite, 450 Points. Application and Interview with a EpU or Higher. -EpU: OfC Prerequisite, 525 Points. Application and interview with the DvL -DvL: EpU Prerequisite, 600 Points. Application and Interview with the SeC. Chapeter One Subsection Two: Violation Levels Level 1: - Running. - Jumping. - Climbing. - Yelling. - General uncivil behavior. - Loitering. (Standing doing nothing) Punished with re-education. (When re-educating, just make them face the wall and stun them. You do not have to attempt to tie them or make them apply. Swing twice, not three times.) Level 2: - Swearing. - Discriminating another citizen. - Talking to a Civil Protection officer without orders. (Usually ranks above OfC, 05 - 01 is fine.) - Commiting a level 1 violation right after or shortly after a warning. - Possession of green marked contraband. - Wasting an officer’s time. - Not speaking an official language. - Not using authorized citizen clothing. Punished with negative 2 points, one cycle in detainment and a re-education. (For each piece of green marked contraband they have, subtract two points from that citizen. Ex. If a citizen has three pieces of green marked contraband, take away six points. The reason would say *Citizen had three pieces of green marked contraband* so that a that anyone who reviews it will know why you took off six.) (Remember to attempt to tie them and make them apply! Knock them out with your stun baton before taking them to the Nexus. We don't want them to see the inside other than their cell. When releasing them, knock them out once more, untie them, then dump them on the street or an apartment block.) Level 3: - Failure to apply. - Failure to report a crime. (In-action) - Not following Civil Protections orders. - Theft. Punished with negative 4 points, two cycles in detainment and a re-education. Level 4: - Trespassing on Combine owned property. - Stealing tokens. - Direct unit harrasment. (verbal) - Fighting. (with other citizens, if a priority citizen is attacked it is counted as policide) - Tampering with unconscious or deceased bodies. - Resisting arrest and/or questioning. - Property Vandalism. Punished with negative 6 points, re-education and three cycles in detainment. Level 5: - Direct unit harrasment. (i.e. spitting, throwing cans.) - Attempted policide. (i.e. punching) - Propaganda (light and not in favour of the combine) - Ignoring lockdown of city blocks or entire city. - Possession of yellow marked contraband. - Lying on interrogation. (need actual proof or witness(es)!) - Possesion of yellow marked contraband. Punished with negative 8 points, re-education and four cycles in detainment. (Interrogation for how contraband was obsessed.) Level 6: - Trespassing inside the Nexus. - UPA. (Unauthorised Procreative Activity; sex or similar RP) - Combine property vandalism. - Mental imperfection. - Homicide. (murdering a citizen) - Attempted policide. (i.e. threatening with weapons) - Hostaging. - Robbery. Trial for amputation (which should be easily passed). If trial does not pass, punish with negative 10 points and five cycles in detainment. Level 7: - Possession of red marked contraband. - Policide. - Trespassing in City Administator's office. - Homicide/Capital Malcompliance (murdering a Civil Protection Officer) - Rebel conspiracy. (without physical evidence) Punished with amputation. (Interrogation first for contraband, then amputate.) Contraband levels Green Contraband Anti-Union Propaganda Bleach Books, Except for UU-Branded books! Ex. - Zen of The Union Bottled Water Large Soda Metropolice Supplements Spray Paint Vegetable Oil Non-Branded UU-Foods (Orange, Banana, Donuts, Anything that doesn't have a (UU) in the name in front of it.) Yellow Contraband Combine Lock Handheld Radio Health Kits - Except for Medical C.W.U. Health Vials - Except for Medical C.W.U. Paracetamol - Except for Medical C.W.U. Stationary Radio Steroids Zip Ties Whiskey Beer Non-issued Universal Clothing (Ex. Different City Clothing, Not Rebel Vests) Red Contraband Flash Grenade HE Grenade Smoke Grenade Resistance/Medic Uniforms 9mm Pistol Bullets SMG Bullets 12ga Buckshot Cartridges Pulse-Rfile Energy Rounds Dark Energy Ball .357 Rounds Crossbow Bolts Rocket Missles 9mm Pistol MP7/SMG Combine SPAS-12 Shotgun Overwatch Standard Issued Pulse-Rifle (AR2) .357 Magnum Crossbow RPG (When a citizen turns in contraband for LP, anything that spawns as part of the crafting system does not get a LP award for farming reasons) Government: Rules & Regulations Civil Administrator: One Maximum And Is slightly above Sec. They are to keep civilized society happy and make sure the city stays under control. City Council: 4 Maximum. They aid the City council and hold meetings and voting sections to make minor changes to the city and its people. Civil Administrator Death Policy: Upon the death of a CA, the next one is to be voted upon by the public. Only City Council men and women can run in the election and the campaigns will last one week. Armband Policy: Types And Benefits BLACK TIER Black Tier is nothing more than a formality, it is the lowest tier available at 5 loyalist points, you receive: - A black conformist armband BROWN TIER Brown Tier is the loyalist tier where you begin to receive awards for being a loyalist, you achieve this tier at 15 loyalist points and serves as an entry point into the system. With brown tier you are awarded: - A brown armband showing off your loyalist tier - Loyalist Grade Ration Parcels RED TIER Red Tier, 20 LP, is a sought after Loyalty Tier as it results in access to the Loyalist Housing Block which is much more comfortable than the average block. Here is a summary of what you get: - A red loyalist armband to replace your brown one - A "Union Card" which unlocks most Union Locks - Access to "Loyalist" Restaurants (City Dependent) - Access to Loyalist Tier Housing Block (If openings are available) -Can vote for the next CA BLUE TIER At 30 LP you unlock Blue Tier, you are awarded a monthly use, week pardon from CWU workshifts. You also are able to participate in the Civil Marriage Act with other Blue Tier loyalists or above. So, you get: - A blue loyalist armband - Access to the Civil Marriage Act - One week work pardon per month - Access to Priority rations. GREEN TIER Green Tier at 45 LP finally entitles the lucky citizen with it access to the Authorized Procreative Act along with: - A green tier Armband - APA access - Permitted to request a CAB meeting WHITE TIER White Tier is the third most prestigious Loyalist Tier available. You are awarded it at 65 LP and it protects you from amputation to an extent. If you happen to be caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time and are charged with any capital offences, then your amputation will be put up to debate by the CAB. So: - A white tier Armband - Amputation requires CAB interview GOLD TIER Gold Tier is the highest loyalty tier which you can apply for at 80LP. With it, you are rewarded with the "Union Star", a golden armband with a star in the middle signifying your prestigious role. With this, you receive: - "Union Star" gold armband - Permitted limited access to Non-sanctioned food and beverages PLATINUM TIER Platinum Tier is not a rank which you receive by any easy means, it requires a commendation from the Unity Party Chairman and the Sector Administrator once you reach 100 LP. However, Platinum Tier is extremely rewarding as you get: - A platinum armband, the pinnacle of Loyalist fashion! - No Physical Labour Quota (Although some form of work is required) - Permitted one personal item of your choice per month (Requires CAB approval) - Access to non sanctioned food and beverages Ration Distribution Standard Rations: 5LP -1 ration 15LP -2 rations Enhanced Rations: 20LP -1 ration 30LP -2 rations 45LP -3 rations Priority Rations: 65LP -1 ration 80LP -2 rations 100+LP -3 rations Loyalist-Point-Counter: How to obtain points +1 Loyalist Point Reporting minor-level (green) contraband. Reporting low-level transgressionary offenses. Minimal workshift performance. Community Services, supervised by sanctioned worker. +2 Loyalist Points Reporting moderate-level (yellow) contraband. Report moderate-level transgressionary offenses. Average workshift performance. +3 Loyalist Points Reporting high-level (red) contraband. Reporting anti-civil activity. Excellent workshift performance (Custom amounts may be given to addition task that go above and beyond in the light of the union and those that contribute to it.) Chapter Two: Basic Server Rules & Understandings. Server-Foundation/Rule-Set Terminology Index: Abbreviation | Term | Definition RP | Roleplay | The act of playing your role, as your character IC | In-Character | Being in character; bound to their actions, thoughts & feelings from their POV OOC | Out of character| Opposite to the latter; used to contact administration, correct mistakes etc. PK | Permanent kill | A permanent kill is where a character is 'dead' and can't be used. S2K | Shoot to kill | Default way to handle firefights; aim is to kill via standard firefight regulations. S2M | Shoot to miss | Nonstandard; Aim is not to kill, but to rather purposefully miss; for enjoyment Minge | Someone who is dedicated to ruining others’ RP experience. Minging is the act of being a minge and ruining RP for others. P2L | Play-To-Lose; this describes roleplaying your actions and reacting to other player’s actions in a realistic and respectful manner. Metagaming | The act of taking and/or using OOC information for your IC benefit. Metabaiting is the act of encouraging metagaming, whether it be directly giving them information, or more in-direct ways such as hinting at IC actions through OOC. Metabaiting | Encouraging metagaming by giving out IC information OOCly, such as announcing sweeps in OOC, etc. F2B | Where a situation still happens in character, but no /me's are done to describe it 1) The following actions are strictly forbidden: Metagaming Metabaiting Powergaming Using Throwaway’s to shotcop/manipulate rp situations Unserious/Disruptive behavior - this includes unserious char descriptions Spamming of any kind Making characters with celebritiy/video game character names (Gordon Freeman etc) Exploiting of any kind - This includes Clockwork animations, exploiting them to avoid damage/disguise actions will be met with punishment. Self supplying your own group/throwaway characters with guns for free, or at cheap prices Impersonation of any kind Mingegrabbing items Heavily altering your characters description to avoid IC consequences, you must be consistent with your characters features (such as Accent, height, posture etc) Creating a character under the age of 18 Contact between one’s own characters of any kind Counter breaking rules - contact an admin to deal with rulebreakers Creating paranormal activity Abusal of granted building flags (PET) Ass-pulling weapons/objects (minor objects such as watches etc are fine) This includes 'handcrafted' masks used to hide ones identity. Randomly breaching containers - Cops/OTA are exempt provided they have a good reason to raid the area And: All players should adhere to the following: You are always in-character - be serious Avoidance of roleplay isn’t permitted, if you have a problem with a situation - sort it out after it has happened by contacting staff/making a PK appeal etc. This is a play-to-lose [P2L] server. Keep that in mind. You should always follow faction rules, no tiptoeing around them. Your characters are not godly/overpowered - make them realistic, with flaws Respect fellow players & staff members. Please don’t engage in an intensive situation without having time to roleplay the consequences I.E shot copping but having to leave after If you have a complaint about a staff member, make a forum PM/Abuse report Keep racism In-character unless told to oocly stop Use building flags properly, try not to disturb the environment with them Don’t freerun, parkour is permitted however Please attempt to spell properly and use proper grammar Use LOOC to correct any mistakes made Voiding a situation requires a senior administrator’s approval, same with heavy alterations of character descriptions If you're wearing a suit and it says so in your description, you must change your desc upon removal of the suit. Don’t use /roll by default, use only if both parties oocly agree to use it 2) The rules on mugging/attacking: You cannot attack or mug players randomly, you must have a solid in-character reason for it - Personal greed is not a solid reasoning, ever. Documentation must be solid on the rule above if questioned by an administrator In a mugging scenario, you can never take currency unless they scammed it from you. If someone does not resist their mugging, you cannot kill them afterwards If you are attacking a non cop in a union controlled area (I.E areas where cameras would be), three armed cops must be online (see below) In order to carry out a successful shotcop/cop mugging there must be at least three armed units on. (25+) These are merely guidelines, and situations may vary - however you do not need to ask staff if a reason is valid before trying to enact a PK. It is advised you do so if you are unsure of its validity however and if said pk reason is in violation of server rules, staff may intervene. NLR may be used if the situation requires it, however OTA sweeps are always PKs unless stated otherwise by a faction lead or SD. The NLR timer is ten minutes, don’t return to the place where you died for that amount of time and you forget the circumstances around your death, should NLR be granted. 3) Combat rules: You need to type a well-developed /MeL or /Me (not /MeC) before attacking someone.. If you happen to have a silenced weapon, /mec or /med may be used on one/two targets. In addition to this, you need to actually see your target before engaging regardless of type. Firefights cannot be initiated by a bind of any form. Additionally, you may not use binds to equip or de-equip items during S2K. If your weapon is in your inventory, you need to type /me several times and respect your target's reactions When initiating a firefight you do not have to wait for the opponents to react. You do not need to /me any further once the firefight has started; when being fired upon you may engage in a S2K firefight immediately without a /me to defend yourself. Keep in mind that radioing in or yelling are not a /me and do not grant any immunity before a firefight. S2K is only initiated in between yourself and your victim(s) that is in your close proximity. If you kill your victim S2K is no longer in effect. OTA is exempt from this rule. In firefights it is always shoot to kill unless specified by a Senior Administrator or above. You must always FearRP and PainRP. That means you cannot go "Rambo" and charge or run around if you have been shot in your legs. (OTA are somewhat excused from this part) The following actions are prohibited during S2K: Instantly changing suits/clothing and/or descriptions, mingehealing with medical/food items, using /charfallover to avoid damage, abusing clockwork animations or physics to any degree etc. Melee weapons cannot be used to start S2K unless stated otherwise (Certain events are exempt from this). You may use one (and only one) medical item mid combat - so long as a single /me is done to accompany it. There are a few conditions to this: When using a medical item - It must not be done with a bind or copy/pasting a pre-typed /me You must be in cover - no doing it in the midst of a firefight Pain RP will still take effect once the firefight is over Any other heals must be after the fighting is over and must be roleplayed, even the most basic form of roleplay is accepted here (eg: "/me injects the health vial into his/her arm). This includes the use of Batteries to "recharge" your suit/armor. If you escape the combat by going into a safe place (Nexus for cops, or bases for rebels) then you may be exempt from the rule but you may not re-enter the conflict for 10 minutes. 4) Hidden base rules: You may not enter a secret base without IC knowledge, which can be granted by base members however bases themselves are gained via an application to Server Directors In order to report a base's location to Civil Protection - you must have solid IC reasoning, if you are unsure if your reasoning is valid, contact a Server Director via a forum PM, Also if you are discovering a hidden base - you need a screenshot from the point of view of your character, of a member of the base entering it; and that doesn't mean you know how to access it - only that its there. Seeing someone entering means you know of the base, not how to enter it! (read beginning of this rule) If your base is discovered and raided by Civil Protection or OTA legitimately by following these rules your base will be voided and given to someone else. Base raids by OTA and Civil Protection cannot commence until all of the Server Director(s) have approved the raid.) Each secret base is only permitted one personal locker per base member. Additionally each base is allowed one public container used for food and drinks and one premium vault. Any additional containers can and will be removed by the Administration team; any additional storage requires authorization by the Server Director(s). 5) Erotic roleplay rules: Anyone wanting a F2B of an erotic situation, has to have their request granted no matter what. If F2B is not requested, the situation must be kept to /mec at all times as to not disturb anyone. Forced ERP confrontations are only to be carried out if all parties OOCly consent to it, if there is no OOC consent, the situation doesn’t happen - end of story. If there is consent, it must be F2B; no exceptions Chapter Three: The MPF Way Of Duty TRANSGRESSIONS ANTICIVIL ACTIVITY | RE-EDUCATION 14 VERBAL INDISCRETION | Any form of verbal communication that exceeds a normal talking voice, such as yelling, shouting, screaming unless it is for assistance. Includes speaking in a language other than English. 15 MOVEMENT TRANSGRESSION | Any form of movement that exceeds general walking. This includes jumping, crouching, being prone etc. 17N NON-COHESIVE DETACHMENT | Loitering or standing in an area considered suspicious, strange or odd. 19 CIVIL INTRUSION | The individual(s) is invading the personal space of another person, to the point that they are uncomfortably close. 21 NON-SANCTIONED DISPOSAL | The person has dropped their belongings on the ground with no attempt to dispose of them correctly. 27 ATTEMPTED CRIME | Attempting to commit a non-terminal verdict and failing. 37 UNSANCTIONED GAMBLING | Partaking in unauthorized gambling of tokens or goods. ANTICIVIL ACTIVITY LEVEL ONE | DOCUMENTATION 17F FUGITIVE DETACHMENT | Intentionally trying to hide from a Protection Team, for any reason. 28 FELONY INCITE | Appearing rebellious at nature or keen to question authority. 30 IMPROPER FUNCTION | Being intoxicated in public location, or by means of Non-Sanctioned Beverages. 48 THEFT | Stealing items owned by another person or organization. 62 ALARMS | Intentionally alerting a protection team with an invalid reason or activating any alarm for no reason. 95 ILLEGAL CARRYING | Being in possession of a non-sanctioned item, six or more counts lead to amputation. 99 RECKLESS OPERATION | Failure to complete an important task correctly. 105 OBSTRUCTING PROTECTION | Performing an action that has wasted a Protection Team's time. 507 PUBLIC NON-COMPLIANCE | Disobeying a direct order from Civil Protection in public view. 603 UNLAWFUL ENTRY | Being in a restricted and citizen owned location without authorization. SOCIO-ENDANGERMENT | AMPUTATION 51 NON-SANCTIONED ARSON | Setting fire to objects or structures intentionally. 63 CRIMINAL TRESPASS | Trespassing into a Benefactor-functionary-only restricted area. 63S ILLEGAL IN OPERATION | Engaging in anti-civil activity as an accomplice to another. 69 POSSESSION OF RESOURCES | Being in possession of Benefactor technology or otherwise hazardous objects. 98 IDENTITY THEFT | Concealing your identity by any means, or possessing the ID card of another. 148 RESISTING ARREST | Any form of resistance against Civil Protection whatsoever. 182 INACTION | Failure to knowingly report an Anti-Citizen or Socio-Endangering act(s). 183 CONSPIRACY | Actively conspiring against the benefactors. 288 NON-SANCTIONED PROCREATION | Unauthorized sexual activity, whether forced or not. 408 CIVIL INCURSION | Attacking another citizen aggressively in an attempt to maim, kill or otherwise. 415 CIVIC DISUNITY | Performing an action that has resulted in the loss of life or vital resources. 422 CAPITAL MALCOMPLIANCE | Actively operating against benefactor personnel in a way that could result in severe civil unrest. SOCIO-ENDANGERMENT LEVEL ONE | TERMINAL PROSECUTION 51B THREAT TO PROPERTY | Actively engaging in destructive behavior towards technology or resources, notably Airwatch. 94 WEAPON | Being in possession of any form of weapon that could be used to kill. 243 ASSAULT ON PROTECTION TEAM | Any form of attack on Civil Protection. 245 ASSAULT ON HVT | Any method of assault on individuals classified as Priority Two or above. 404 RIOT | A large and/or active participation in flow of anti-civil behavior. 505 EVASION BEHAVIOR | Committing a crime and then openly evading protection teams attempting to halt the individual. ELABORATION 95 ILLEGAL CARRYING | All items that hold no Union approved stamp, this includes, but is not limited to: Refined junk items, this includes but is not limited to (Raw plastic, raw metal, raw wood, wiring, cables, raw or refined concrete, nails, screws, bolts, adhesive items, electronics, raw cloth, charcoal). Non sanctioned nourishment items. Non sanctioned medical items. (UM officials are exempt). Compressed pressure cans, this includes but is not limited to (Spray cans). Electronic devices (CWU,UM,UP and WI officials are exempt). Chemicals. Unauthorized sports or gaming equipment (basketballs). Provocative, malicious or otherwise anti Union literature, among the aforementioned being books titled (Community). Possession of an excessive amount of the labelled items (6+) warrants capital prosecution under the verdict code of 69. 69 POSSESSION OF RESOURCES | Being in possession of Benefactor technology or otherwise hazardous objects, this includes but is not limited to. Ammunition. Grenades, empty or full. Radio communication devices. Empty ammunition boxes. Explosives. Drugs. Protective clothing/equipment. Respirators of any kind. Re purposed Union equipment. Lethal chemicals. Hijacked benefactor technology. Hijacked Union official technology. Illegitimate/fake documentation. Tools of any kind (CWU officials are exempt). RADIO-INDEX DIGITIZED CODES 10-0 - Caution 10-1 - Affirmative 10-2 - Negative 10-3 - Stop transmitting 10-4 - Message received; understood 10-5 - Repeat message 10-10 – Busy 10-7 - Off-duty 10-8 - On-duty 10-12 - Standby 10-14 - Passive 10-15 - Prisoner 10-17 – Respond to request 10-19 - Returning to High-Priority Region 10-20 - Location 10-21 - Report to Nexus 10-22 - Disregard 10-25 - Visual 10-26 - Prosecuting 10-30 - Socio-incursion 10-32 - Armed personnel 10-41 - Committed to patrol 10-42 - Ending patrol commission 10-43 - Information on current PTs 10-52 - Medical assistance required 10-59 - Escort 10-65 - Standing by 10-76 - Enroute 10-78 - Armed assistance 10-91d - Citizen 10-96 - Mentally imperfect individual 10-96P - Physically imperfect individual 10-97 - Arrived at request/reported area/ location 10-99 - Officer under threat 10-103 - Disturbance 10-103M - Disturbance by mentally unfit 10-104 - Suicide 10-107 - Suspicious person 10-108 - Deserviced/deservicement 11-6 - Vulnerable (intoxicated, unconscious etc.) 11-42 - Wrap up (finish assignment) 11-44 - Cleanup crew (conscripted biotics) 11-99 - Officer needs immediate assistance Code 1 - Respond at will (Walk) Code 2 - Urgent response/Prioritize Issue (Walk as soon as current task is complete) Code 3 - Emergency response (Run immediately to situation) Code 4 - No further assistance required Code 7 - Start ration distribution Code 8 - Stop ration distribution Code 12 - Standard directives Code 15 - Status, location, and PT assignment Code 100 - Situation stable 34S - Shots fired 52E - Explosions heard 404 - Riot in-progress 415b - Investigating disturbance 647 - Non-citizen/Minor offender 647E - Anti-citizen/Major offender Sociostabilization Codes Green- Stable: No unrest structure detected. All weapons must be holstered while patrolling. Yellow- Unstable: Slight unrest structure detected. Sidearms and stunbatons may be unholstered while on patrol. Red- Collapse: Major unrest structure detected. All weapons may be unholstered while on patrol. TERMINOLOGY Accomplice: A person or being aiding or abetting an anti-citizen or opponent to the state. Airwatch: The airborne extension of Overwatch forces. In Civil Protection use, it typically refers to scanner units. Amputate: To execute a target. Unless stated otherwise or it is an obvious emergency, assume that this means to relocate the subject to a secure location before carrying it out. Anti-Citizen: A confirmed opponent of the state. Apply: To rush, hurry, or speed up execution of an action. Essentially, get a move on. In reference to citizens, this is a request for their name and CID. Assemble: To group together, or operate in tightly knit teams. Biotic: A non-specific designation typically referring to non-manipulative xenian lifeforms. This can encompass vortigaunts or antlions. In most situations it refers to vortigaunts. Block: A residential block or location. Cauterize: To permanently restrict access to a location. For instance, blowing out the ceiling of a tunnel to fill it with rubble. Coagulate: To spread out across a wider location. The opposite of assemble. Converge: To come together from separate locations to a specific point. Basically the same as assemble. Clamp: To temporarily restrict access to a location. Deservice/Deserviced: Referring to the death of a Union-affiliated unit, either Civil Protection or Transhuman Personnel. Dislocate: To knock aside, destroy, or damage. Typically refers to destruction of cover on an enemy target. Document: To examine the identity of a given person, or to update their datafile with their committed crime. Exogen: Antlion or its associated grubs/guard types. Expired: Deceased/Eliminated Expunge: To eliminate a target. Different from amputate, this typically refers to combat scenarios involving hostile opponents Hardpoint: Heavily armored and easily defended location. Typically refers to the large metal forts assembled for use by Civil Protection and Transhuman personnel. Incursion: A breach of socio-stability by way of law violation. This can also refer to an area breach, where enemies are coming in through a specific location. Infection: A hostile outbreak, typically referring to necrotic and parasitic activity, though this can also refer to anti-citizens. Inject: To move into a location. Inoculate: To secure an outbreak or eliminate a threat to socio-stability Inquire: To interrogate or question. Intercede: Move to disrupt ongoing activity, to go to a scene. Interlock: To group together and form a patrol team or protection team. Interpose: Refuse or other objects being used as cover from fire. Isolate: To distance oneself from others. Can be used as an instruction toward citizens, or other units in combat situations. In reference to opponents in a combat situation, to fire/attack to prevent them from coming together. Laceration: Leakage of confidential information, terminology, or identity. Lock: Unless in obvious reference to a door, to lock one’s position or hold at a present location. Malcompliance: Failure or refusal to co-operate. Malignant: A danger to socio-stability. Midnight: No verbal communication authorized. As an instruction, this means to remain totally silent (no using chat input in any way). Unless told otherwise or the situation has obviously ended, you are not to breach this. This includes running, jumping, or anything else that would cause noise or bring attention. Necrotic: A being under the influence of a headcrab/parasite. Noncitizen: Any individual with revoked citizenship. Outbreak: A suddenly occurring situation. As a status update, refers to loss of control. Pacify: To render a threat incapable of continued resistance. This typically means to render unconscious, though in combat scenarios can mean to wound a target sufficiently to make them incapable of carrying on. Parasite: A headcrab of any variety. Preserve: To re-establish or maintain socio-stability in your area. Pressure: To apply continued force/attack to a target to an unrelenting degree. Prosecute: To administer a verdict. In combat scenarios, to engage with or eliminate a target. PT-V: A protection team presently operating an APC. Restrict: To deny access to or through a given location, or to establish a perimeter. RVL: Revitalization. An off-duty rest period standardly given to units. Shield: To apply defensive tactics or to defend a designated target/location. Skyshield: Airwatch forces operating in the area. This can refer to hunter-choppers or gunships. Sociocide: Disruption of normalcy/order in the area. Stabilize: To restore order. Sterilize: In reference to corpses, typically meaning to burn or otherwise get rid of them. Suspend: To cease or put an action on hold. Sword: To adhere to offensive tactics, or to hunt for a given subject. TAC: Total Access Communication. The only VC’s this is used in are typically used as filler chatter, or to instruct units to move to a specific location. Tag: The verdicts a given suspect is charged with. In combat situations, refers to killing or having killed a target (“Tag one necrotic”). TAG: Tactical Assault Gear. Refers to units at 25 rank points or higher. Unrest/Unrest Structure: Some form of riot or uncontrolled disruption. Verdict: The decided offense or conclusion in reference to a given subject. Typically refers to the numerical designation for an offense (243, 27, etc). In combat situations, this refers to a weapon's ammunition. Virome: Host of civil infection - any amorphous, undefined compromise to societal cohesion (An armed anti-citizen, a hazardous object, an unidentified creature, a rampant conflagration etc.). Viscerator: Manhack. Witness Sterilization: The procedure requiring the amputation of any citizen subjects who bore witness to the death of a unit or laceration of information they are not meant to know. Zero: Disregard or ignore, though typically used as general filler. ABBREVIATIONS ADW - Assault with a Deadly Weapon APB - All-Points Bulletin BOL - Be on Lookout DB - Dead Body GOA - Gone on Arrival OC - Off Course (refers to manhacks) UTL - Unable to Locate UPI - Unidentified Person of Interest BEHAVIOR-OF-UNITS As a Civil Protection officer, once admitted into the ranks you are expected to uphold and adhere to certain behavioral protocols for a number of reasons: personal safety, anonymity, professionalism and to better emphasize the brutal and oppressive nature of the metropolitan stabilization force. You are expected to uphold complete and utter anonymity and are prohibited from disclosing any personal details about yourself to anyone from the Civil Populace or displaying said details in any behavioral pattern. When conversing with citizens you are restricted to discussing only matters of metropolitan stabilization preservation, any chatter beyond that is deemed detrimental and disruptive in the eyes of Dispatch. When conversing with your fellow officers on duty you are to adhere to the aforementioned points, if possible the conversation must be maintained at a private level between you and your colleagues, and if not, no matters of Civil Protection inner structure may be disclosed and you must maintain a professional and stern apparel. When operating within stable and controlled locations you are expected to adhere to the already stable nature of the location, prosecutions are expected to be carried out as subtly as possible and completely outside the view of the local populace. This includes any re-educations, pacifications, or amputations, which should all be performed outside the notice of the average citizen unless the situation is dire and requires immediate response. Adhere to radio terminology to keep the relayed message as concise and as coherent as possible. Every officer should act and work as one, no differences, absolute and utter unanimity. Civil Protection displays its strength through numbers, your officers are your friends and you are expected to, when possible, always remain among your colleagues, be it during patrols or routine activities. As the front of the Universal Union to the standard citizen, you are expected to display a proficient and borderline perfect appearance in every possible aspect. Beyond the above mentioned, and off duty, an officer is permitted to behave at his own full discretion, answering only to Dispatch. STABILITY PROTOCOL GREEN -Pistols are to be kept inside holsters (Equipped & holstered). -MP7s are to be firmly and discreetly slung over back (Unequipped). -Grenade type weapons must remain within their pouches with the fabric cover clipped over them (Unequipped). -APC’s must remain in low gear. The missile launcher is disabled. -Rappelling gear is not permitted unless authorized by Dispatch. -Mounted gun use is not permitted unless authorized by Dispatch, or justified in use of an armed/dangerous subject. YELLOW -Pistols are to be kept inside holsters, although the fabric cover may be removed for quick drawing or held in hand (Equipped & unholstered if desired). -MP7s may be unslung and a round loaded in the chamber, with the safety set to off. -Grenade type weapons must remain within their pouches with the fabric cover open (Equipped). -APC’s should remain in low gear unless responding to an incident. The missile launcher is disabled. -Rappelling gear is permitted. -Mounted gun use is permitted. RED -Pistols are to be kept inside holsters, although the fabric cover may be removed for quick drawing (Equipped & unholstered). -MP7s may be unslung and a round loaded in the chamber, with the safety set to off. -Grenade type weapons may remain within their pouches with the fabric cover open (Equipped). -APC’s should remain in low gear unless responding to an incident. The missile launcher is enabled. -Rappelling gear is permitted. -Mounted gun use is permitted. BLACK -Any and all weaponry available may be used to restore socio-stability to the sector. -Sacrifice code is in effect, do not retreat if currently engaged in combat if Stabilization Teams are not yet deployed. -Avoid combat if Stabilization Teams are deployed, your role is to maintain order within the populace during the time of crisis. -Autonomous sentencing and sentencing at will are in effect, all violations may be resolved with a terminal prosecution at the unit's discretion. UNIT-PERFORMANCE-REWARDS SUBJECT INFORMATION REDEMPTION | 2 SC | 25 Rank Points The unit in question receives information about a single relative, including citizen status and priority assignment. Location of the individual in question is restricted information for Civil Protection functionaries. PRESERVATION OF FAMILY-COHESION | 5 SC | 25 Rank Points Dispatch will not single out said unit's remaining family members for slaughter, beatings or starvation via ration deprivation for a single week. Although, said unit is still vulnerable to being punished by Dispatch, however this reward will make sure their family receives adequate treatment. CONTIGUOUS PALPABLE COMPONENT PROGRAMME | 10 SC | 25 Rank Points The unit in question is allowed access to contraband caches near or far, by use of a data terminal. They will pick out a single item that could prove sentimental value to them, or simple cosmetics. When said unit is not directly on-duty, they have access to this item from their locker. This item is forbidden to be dangerous or narcotic. An example would be cigarettes, food, hobbies, trophies. However, weapons are not available for use or redemption. NOTICE: REDEMPTION OF NONSTANDARD SCRIPT ITEMS STILL REQUIRES AUTHORIZATION AS ANY OTHER CUSTOM SCRIPT ITEM DOES. SUPPLEMENT REDUCTION PROGRAMME | 10 SC | 25 Rank Points The unit in question is allowed to select any Civil Body of to receive minimal rations for a set amount of 168 cycles (1 week). Said individual may be someone they dislike from the past or someone who has annoyed said unit but has not committed a violation. The programme can only be overridden by Overwatch/Dispatch. PSYCHO-MECHANICAL REPRODUCTION SIMULATION | 15 SC | 50 Rank Points The usage of experimental drugs to make the brain think that it is engaging in full-blown extensive sexual intercourse. The unit in question is locked away in a cell while he or she experiences whatever odd fetishes or sexual deviance it desires, mentally. SELECTEE PROSELYTE | 5 SC | 75 Rank Points The unit in question is allowed to single out one citizen from their daily life and recommend them for Civil Protection duty. This is a gamble, as Dispatch can outright deny the person access, although for the cheap price, it can be worth it. The selectee will never have access to Selectee Proselyte, and will not earn Sterilized Credits for two days, the unit using the reward can never use the reward again, unless Dispatch denies the selectee. NOTICE: THE APPLICATION THAT REQUESTS THIS PROCEDURE MUST SEND ALL ACTIVE HEADCOPS AN APPLICATION VIA PM FOR A VERDICT. NON-MECHANICAL REPRODUCTION SIMULATION | 25 SC | RL The use of experimental drugs to make the brain believe it is engaging in extensive sexual intercourse, although dulled for a serene consciousness. A willing male or female, of citizen origin or Civil Protection origin is chosen for the simulation, both subjects engage in sexual intercourse in a guarded cell. NOTICE: SEXUAL INTERCOURSE OF ANY KIND OUTSIDE OF THIS REWARD WILL BE MET WITH DE-SERVICMENT AND HEAVY PROSECUTION. WORKFORCE EMANCIPATION | 125 SC | RL The unit is discharged from active duty for the rest of his or her time. This is irreversible. The unit is given citizen status as a white tier conformist, a designated LID and will receive the benefits of the aforementioned conformist status, alongside their equipment confiscated, their tokens limited to 2000 and restricted from entering non patrol regions for risk of amputation, disclosure of one's past occupation will be met with a similar outcome.
  4. CW: HL2RP Rules

    Neutron Servers' CW: HL2RP Rules Common Terms RP - Roleplay IC - In Character OOC - Out of Character LOOC - Local Out of Character /me - An RP command to make it appear like you are doing things. These need to be detailed and smart, such as "/me sighs, picking up the ration pack, turning on his heel and walking away." FailRP - Commonly referred to when a player does not RP correctly, such as /me runs to cp punches and knocks Out. FearRP - Properly roleplaying fear in a scenario that requires it Metagame - Having knowledge that you have gained Out of Character and using it In Character when your character shouldn't know that. Powergaming - Forcing your actions upon others who do not wish it or making your character able to do things he technically shouldn't be able to. P2L - Play to lose or P2L is the method of handling combat RP on some HL2RP (Others use rolling) When you P2L you you the logical outcome of the attempted RP, for example a Combine officer hitting you over the head with his stunstick, would be very unlikely to miss such a close swing (Where as in rolling, if a citizen rolls higher than the officer, somehow they miss?) So the officer hits them. Or a highly trained OTA shooting and someone who is only a few feet away, would probably not miss. So when you P2L, just use common sense Do not metagame See the Common Terms for the definition of metagame This includes using information from OOC chat, PM, or any voice chat (Teamspeak, Discord, Skype etc) Using information from the scoreboard is also considered metagaming You cannot use information you have learned on another character (You can't just “find” the resistance hideout on your CCA character because you know where it is from having a resistance character) Do not powergame See the Common Terms for the definition of powergame “/me punches the man to death” is an example of forcing (power gaming) a result on someone You must allow any person you are role-playing with to react to you with a /me unless otherwise specified in the rules You can’t ignore any /me directed towards you Do not use in-character chat for an out-of-character message All chat must be in character. If you wish to break character and speak OOC type “// your message” or “.// your message” for local ooc cheat Do not spam the chat box Spamming the same message in any form of chat, whether it be in-character, out-of-character, or /admin. If you want to have an extended conversation with someone ooc either use steam or find eachother and use local ooc “.//" Try to extend any combat RP if you can Do not shoot directly at your target, but rather shoot around them to create better and longer role-play. Keep in mind that injuring people always leads to better role-play than just straight up killing people. Do not kill characters without a good in-character reason This rule is generally referred to as RDM (Random Deathmatch). Not liking someone is not a valid reason to kill someone To make for more enjoyable RP on both sides, try to injure people rather than killing them whenever you can Mass RDM will result in punishment without prior warning. Do not exploit Exploiting is using an in-game feature to do something that was not intended to be possible by the creators of the game/mod/script to give yourself unfair advantages or things you shouldn't have. All character names must be realistic and cannot be famous names You must have a first and last name. Celebrity names are forbidden Names such as “Jack Mehoff”, “Ben Dover” etc, are forbidden Always follow FearRP See the Common Terms for the definition of FearRP You cannot ignore FearRP because you are “just a badass” FearRP comes into play when dealing with CCA (Especially higher ranks), being mugged, being held at gunpoint, etc If you are being mugged or held at gunpoint, you wouldn't try to run away, or pull out your own gun as this is not RPing fear and is FailRP. If the person aiming the gun at you looks away from you or is no longer aiming their weapon directly at you, FearRP is no longer in play and you can run/fight back Do not take enforce server rules if you are not an admin A common example of this is shooting someone who is attempting to prop-kill players – Do not do it, just report them with the /admin command. If there are no administrators online, units may deal with the rule breaker by detaining them or killing them if completely necessary. In addition to the above rule, recording players breaking rules will help the administration team deal with problems while they are not on the server to be posted in a ban request. Asking an administrator in steam chat politely is a quick and easy way to see if they can quickly come on the server, though continually spamming them will not help them get to you quicker. Disconnecting to avoid any role-play or punishments is prohibited If you disconnect to avoid being banned, administrators will triple the original ban time. Disconnecting to avoid in-character detainment will result in a ban or warning from an administrator. Changing characters to avoid being punished by the CCA or administrators is treated exactly the same as disconnecting to avoid punishments. Changing characters to avoid RP is treated the same as disconnecting to avoid punishments. It is understandable that in certain situations you have no choice but to leave during role-play, but you must give anyone who is participating a warning and plan for continuing the role-play at a later date. Do not act as if you have in-character knowledge about something that would require a supporting back-story or administrator approval This can include acting as if your character has medical or military knowledge, Most to all citizens in the HL2RP universe do not have military or medical backgrounds unless you have a near perfect supporting back-story. All characters begin as average citizens in the Half-Life universe. If you wish for a character to have special knowledge, contact a Super-Admin or owner, with a valid, in-depth backstory for why your character would have this knowledge Role-play situations may not be voided (ignored). Doing role-play that makes no sense or is not allowed by the server rules then simply saying “void” in out-of-character chat is not allowed and will result in a warning and a ban if you do it repeatedly. It is understandable that sometimes you can say the wrong thing or misunderstand previous role-play, you may void your previous /me action(s). Only if all roleplays agree.. Your characters cannot interact with each other in any way. If there is any character interaction whatsoever you may get a perma-ban and both or all of your characters with get banned. You cannot claim in-character that one of your characters is “friends” or “knows” another one. You may not move items from one character to another. Both characters will be banned. Abusing the /charfallover command to drop from high places without dying will result in an immediate permanent-kill (PK). A common example is falling out of windows or off cliffs/down elevator shafts. Using this to “minge” or disrupt Roleplay will be shortly banned. When mugging a character, you may only take up to 100 tokens in total. This applies to your entire group if it is a group mugging, you may not take 100 tokens for each character, you will have to deal with splitting a maximum of 100 between each member of the group Do not impersonate, flame or reveal private/personal information of other players/users. Impersonating other players is against rules and will be punished with bans in minimal lengths of days. Coming to our server to flame people is discouraged and will result in a server and forum ban.. Do not leak any sensitive, private or personal information of other users without their direct consent. If they're keeping the information for themselves, it's their decision and you do not have right to act against it. You will get banned for this. Consuming inventory items without valid IC reasoning and roleplay is considered FailRP and therefore bannable. Manipulating your inventory items without valid IC reason to do so, especially without the action(s) being properly roleplayed with /me's. An example of breaking this rule would be eating/using/dropping valuable inventory items while being held at a gunpoint or in a similar situation, just to prevent the other player(s) from looting those items. (such as drinking bleach to get out of being mugged) You may not 'asspull' items. Proper roleplay must be done in the lead-up to a character being injured using fists and/or weapons. Do not randomly pull out weapons that are holstered that would be considered fail RP. You must allow an a fair amount of time for other parties in the RP situation to respond. Spawning item shipments in public is also counted as asspulling. You may not exploit a low server population to create unfair situations. If there are less than 4 units online, you are not permitted to instigate assaults/muggings/kidnappings/other assorted damaging activities against them. This is in place to prevent imbalance with citizens acquiring weapons when there is no way for the units to fight back. Rules of RPing combat Any larger group combat does not require intensive /me (If you want to do it to make it more detailed you are free to do so) Individual combat should be RPed indepth Rules of Rolling Rolling is not required for combat as all combat is P2L See the common terms for the deffinition of P2L Rolling is only done during passive rolls (Ex. Rolling to see through a crack in the wall) Passive rolling is a roll that isnt against another player, and is done to see if you succeed in a certain action. When you passive roll, 1-49 will cause you to fail your action and 50+ will be a success. Rules of /me Follow any specific /me rules listed in other categories You are required to /me ANYTIME you equip an item. Failure to do so is Asspulling (See rule 21) If your character is being told to do something /me it. I.E: If a mugger or combine tells you to put your hands up, or to drop your weapon. Dont spam /me for every little action you do. If you want to do certain /me’s to make the RP more detailed or realistic: go for it. But dont /me everytime you open a door, walk, etc Rules of rebels Players cannot create a citizen and instantly become a rebel, you need to join the existing rebel group. Only the rebel leader and members who have been show the base know the location of bases, do not meta the location from other servers using the same map. Rebels cannot mount offensive assaults against CP unless there at at least 4 CP on. CPs can go rouge until i3, and unit rouge after i3 will be de-whitelisted You must get staff approval with an IC reason to go rouge Rules of permakilling a character For a character to be PK'ed there are certain circumstances that have to apply to the character's death: If the character RP's suicide If the character was formally charged and sentanced to amputation in the Nexus If the character dies during an event with PK mode enabled (Note to staff: PK mode must be agreed upon by the majority of players online at the time) All staff MUST notify a player before the character is PK'ed and give them the reason behind it All players are entitled to request another staff member's input before the PK, if a player requests this, the staff member issueing the PK must honor the request and wait for another staff member. All players are allowed to post an appeal on a PK on the forums. These rules are subject to change at anytime without warning. It is your responsibility to stay up to date!
  5. MID: 37 - Morder - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

    One of the most mature people I've ever had on staff. Trustworthy, mature, and has a very solid grasp on HL2RP. Will make a welcome addition to the team. APPROVED
  6. MID: 29 - WsK TacticalToaster - Staff Application - (CW: HL2 RP)

    I like how you'd handle everything except the last scenario. If you know someone was definitely hacking, and threatened the server, you would immediately ban them. A hacker in HL2RP could easily deal serious damage if left unchecked even for a minute. Other than that, I know you are well versed with HL2RP rules. ACCEPTED

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