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You're in game name/persona name: TacticalToaster


Age: 14


Do you have any past experiences as staff?: 

Yes. I've been a developer for the now deceased Unification Networks, admin on GR, did some dev work for GR also, and was an operator for a much older server that was named Electric Gaming or something like that.



Do you have a microphone?: Yes


Why do you want to become staff?: 

I enjoy NS as a community and want to contribute in a helpful way. I know that things are rather stale, so I want to work toward making NS great again, with an active player base.

Not staff, but have been officers in 4H, Jr. Beta, and FBLA. Positions I've held have been President (3 times, varying clubs), Vice President (2 times, varying clubs), and Secretary (1 time, FBLA).



What makes you different from other applicants?: 

I have a genuine interest into computer programming. Currently, I know Lua and GLua quite well, and currently am becoming more familiar with C# and C++. I've done some work in both Unreal and Unity, and currently am looking into modding for the Source engine. I'm also a participant in several real life school leadership and business organizations like Jr. Beta and FBLA, and have learned good leadership abilities from these clubs.



Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?:  No


How many warnings do you have?: 


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This user is applying for the Manager position.

(Future game server manager.)

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I've known Tactical for a pretty good while, as much as he does make mistakes, he doesn't give me a feeling of malicious intent, rather a simple or childish mistake.

The Worst I've seen of him compared to the good things he do are pretty balanced.

I'd also rather have fresh staff that might make a difference in our community, rather than getting old staff that probably need a vacation.

In short, though he has made many mistakes in the past, hopefully this addition to staff will bring upon something new and interesting.

I await further events.

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Known Tactical for a while, would be good backup considering that I'm not good with coding (Or much with computers for that matter).
He's done a few things that left a bad taste in my mouth but It's all water under the bridge and he feels like he's learned from them (Don't ask for specifics, won't tell).

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Your application to become apart of the Neutron Servers staff team has been accepted, Congratulations!

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