MID:70 - MN:Valyrym - FN:Staff Application - (Non-Game Server Staff)

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You're in game name/persona name: Valyrym


Age: 21


Do you have any past experiences as staff?: 

2 years of running the cringe fest that was AeonRP, 8 months running floof gaming.


Do you have a microphone?: Yes


Why do you want to become staff?: 

world domination....

running my own servers


What makes you different from other applicants?: 

because i am me (i bet nobody gets the anime reference)


Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?:  No


How many warnings do you have?: 0

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This user is applying for the Manager position.

(Future game server manager.)

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Your application to become apart of the Neutron Servers staff team has been unanimously accepted by the community directors, Congratulations!

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