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MID: 16 - ㄅķҾŁ€Ţ◎Ɲ - Staff Application - (Non-Game Server Staff)

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You're in game name/persona name: ㄅķҾŁ€Ţ◎Ɲ


Age: 17


Do you have any past experiences as staff?: 

Admin on massacare.net, mod on vapenation, and pokeduk I used to be an admin. I say was since all of them got shut down at one point or another. Also pokeduk was a teamspeak server so i thought I should include it. 



Do you have a microphone?: Yes


Why do you want to become staff?: 

I enjoy interacting with both staff and players, therefor I would like to be able to help both. The server itself, being a furry server that is, will most likely get hate for being an open minded towards people with different interests, and since such people exist and like to make the efforts to be rude and disapproving of people that enjoy animals. I would like to make sure the community itself won't have to deal with them, and rather I do and help make it more user friendly as well.



What makes you different from other applicants?: 

I'd say experience and how often I can get on, the experience I have is equivalent to 4+ years of being a staff on different servers and communities. I also tend to have a large amount of time that I can get on and check up, talk to players/users, and be a part of the community.



Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?:  No


How many warnings do you have?: 


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