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MID: 10 - Dylann - Staff Application - (Non-Game Server Staff)

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Dylann    2
Posted (edited)

You're in game name/persona name: Dylann


Age: 14


Do you have any past experiences as staff?: 

Yes i Do Have Past Expirience Of Staff On These Servers


VulcanRP DonorSA

Toms DarkRP - Superadmin

Civil City - Admin

Elysian Gaming - Moderator

Faded Networks - Founder / Owner



Do you have a microphone?: No


Why do you want to become staff?: 

I want to become staff on Neutron servers forum & discord for the following reasons


1. I Would love the see the community bloom into something greater and help in anyway possible

2. i am very good at discord after creating and moderating 2 different discord Servers Time Lapse 1 Time Lapse 2

3. i want to help out as much as i can with a new community and helping it along the way with anything it may require from me




What makes you different from other applicants?: 

The following listed reasons are the reasons that make me different


1. I'm a nice guy to talk to and can take a joke and wont instantly get mad at you and never talk to you again

2. I'm very active on my pc

3. I'm always willing to help people with what ever they may need

4. i am also very good at ulx and ingame moderation if that is ever needed of me

5. I would also be willing to do the discord up if you'd like


Have you received any bans or kicks for any reason at all?:  No


How many warnings do you have?: 


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Zeo    2




has good experience 

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Josh    1


worked with him before



lots of experience

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