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Possible Server Restart

Should we restart the server under this new format  

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  1. 1. Should we use the multi segment idea

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Hello everyone, in an attempt to make the HL2RP server more appealing to players, I want to restart the server under the multi-segmented format I came up with. The server would go through 2-3 stages each with its own map and RP style. You will TRULY develop your character from the 7 hour war all the way to walls of an established city. Here are the ideas for the segments the server would have:


Multi-Segmented HL2RP
Segment 1.A
One idea for the first part of the server we will be exploring the 7-hour war, and I'm going to strike down a question that spammed my first pitch of a 7-hour War-RP server: NO that doesn't mean it will only last for 7 hours. 
The possible factions for this segment are: 
Combine Synths
Xen lifeforms

possibly Combine Soldiers
This segment will either be held on a regular city map like evocity (If we try going for something it being right at the beginning of the war) Or an apocalypse city map (If we try going for a more destructive end of the war type scenario)
This will probably be the most fast paced segment as it will rely the most on combat than other sections will.

Segment 1.B/2
Depending on whether or not we start out with the previously mentioned segment this will either be the first segment or ICLY a few weeks after the first segment. OOCLY a few days to make the required changes and test before opening. This segment will take place after the war and revolve around 
survivors of the war who escaped the city and are now hiding out in a small suburban town hiding from the combine while they make their way to a nearby city.
The possible factions are the same as the previous segment.
I would most likely be using the Aftermath map as it has a lot of open areas, as well as a militarized area for the combine to have set up a staging group for searching the area for the area for survivors, large open areas, and small suburban sections for survivors to camp out in.

Segment 2/3
ICLY a week or so after the previous segment and again OOCLY a few days for editing and testing, this will be the final segment of the server and it will remain on this for the remainder of it's up-time. This segment will take place after our survivors have successfully entered the nearby city that the combine have occupied and are now using as a relocation area for humans who surrendered during the war. Now that the survivors have escaped the imminent threat of combine synths and soldiers chasing them down and are successfully integrated within the city, it is up to them what they will do next. Will they finally give up and accept their new rulers, swearing allegiance and loyalty to the Universal Union? Will they continue to fight their oppressors and band together to take back their homes? Or will they betray their own race and sign up with the Metro Police Force?
The factions used in this segment will basically be the same as most HL2RP city servers:
Civil Worker's Union
Metro Police Force
Overwatch Transhuman Arm


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